Tackle big questions at scale

Every day, Roblox employees tackle huge, complex questions that spark incredible innovation. Check out some of the questions that shine a light on the work going on at Roblox.

How do you engineer a civilization that’s actually civilized?

Safety and civility on Roblox

The journey to building a safe and civil platform is one that requires continuous innovation. From the creation of new tools and technologies like machine learning moderation to the ongoing development of our robust parental controls and safety features, we’re committed to fostering an environment where everyone is free to express their creativity. Come join us to build a future that is safe and civil.

How do millions of developers create a global economy?

A vibrant virtual economy

Roblox is building a global virtual economy powered by our community of developers, creators, and users. We’re continuously working on new ways to support healthy marketplace dynamics and accelerate the success of our community. As an example, we’re actively exploring tools that would allow people to build their own immersive advertising experiences on Roblox. Join us as we help build this vision for the future of the Roblox economy.

Benefits and perks

The health and well-being of our employees and their families is our top priority. We offer robust and comprehensive programs with variety to best meet your needs.